Pastor’s Blog

     The Monroe United Methodist Church Study Group will begin again on September 12, at 9:00 a.m.  We are praying new faces will join us this fall for James Moore’s study, “Jesus’ Parables About Discipleship.”

     This six-session short-term study series from Jim Moore is organized around the general theme of Discipleship. This study serves as a sixth volume following Jesus’ Parables of Grace, Jesus’ Parables of Life, Jesus’ Parables of the Lost and Found, Jesus’ Parables About Making Choices, and Jesus’ Parables About Priorities.
Each chapter will focus on a particular parable, and will feature the author telling readers what Jesus was saying through the parable, both to listeners of his day and to us today in our own lives. The chapters will focus on key characteristics of discipleship such as unconditional love, humility, service, vision, listening, and action.

     We hope you will join our group.  We will have snacks and we will have

the coffee pot on!  See you then!